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Information for Vendors

  • To be paid, you must first have a vendor number with Newfoundland Power e.g. V-ABC123. Not a registered vendor? Find out how to sign up with our Vendor Financing Information Package.
  • For heat pump financing, you must also confirm your journeyperson status as a Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic by sending a copy of your certificate of qualification to
  • Ensure your customers have all the information to make the financing process go smoothly. Download a copy of the questions that customers will need to know to submit a financing application.

Financing process

  1. Customer gets quote, installer, and model information from vendor/installer.
  2. Customer applies for financing with Newfoundland Power. The customer will have to provide information, such as proof of income and financial status.
  3. Newfoundland Power reviews information submitted by the customer to verify eligibility of installer, unit and credit standing.
  4. If the customer meets all the requirements, Newfoundland Power provides customer with verbal "approval pending electrical permit".
  5. Customer advises vendor/installer to request electrical permit.
  6. Vendor submits permit to
  7. Newfoundland Power provides customer with final approval number.
  8. Customer provides vendor with approval number. This authorizes the vendor to proceed with work.
  9. The vendor has the customer sign the Newfoundland Power financing agreement.
  10. Vendor completes work, prepares an invoice, signs the Newfoundland Power Financing agreement, and sends BOTH the invoice and the financing agreement to Newfoundland Power.
  11. Newfoundland Power reviews the invoice and financing agreement to ensure it meets requirements, and pays vendor. 
  12. Please allow two weeks for processing.