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Processes and Procedures

Overhead Clearance Permits

Occupational Health and safety regulations require all contractors must maintain a clearance distance of 5.5m (18 feet) from any energized power line. With a power line clearance permit from Newfoundland Power, a contractor may have this distance reduced depending on the voltage of the power line. In order to obtain a permit, contractors need to contact Newfoundland Power 4-5 days in advance of when they will be completing the work.

Underground Locate Requests

Always be sure to call before you dig as there could be potentially lethal electrical infrastructure underground. To complete an underground locate request, please contact Newfoundland Power 14 days prior to needing the request completed. You should also contact any other utilities who may have cables or wires in the area.

Power Line Cover Ups

A cover up is a sleeve installed over electrical wires to prevent contact while working in the vicinity of an energized line. Even if a power line is covered, you must have a signed permit giving you authorization to work near our lines or equipment.

To request a cover up, please contact Newfoundland Power 7 to 10 business days prior to the date you wish to complete the work. A Newfoundland Power representative will meet you on site to sign the permit and install the cover up.


A current transformer (CT) is used in high voltage circuits where it is not possible to measure current directly. This is required for many large services, including residential properties with service panels sized larger than 200 amps.

The electrician installing the CTs should get in contact with Newfoundland Power when they are ready to pick up the CTs for installation. To inquire about CTs, please contact us using our construction services line (1-888-491-5066) or send us an email.

Bell Aliant Pole Areas

Not all poles are owned by Newfoundland Power. In some areas, Bell Aliant has pole ownership (refer to map below). Therefore, depending on where you live, some work may need to be completed by Bell Aliant. These include pole/guy wire removal or relocation, escort services or leaning poles.  If you are in a Newfoundland Power pole area, all these requests can be directed to us.

For any power-related emergencies, please contact Newfoundland Power no matter where you live.

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