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tree trimming

Why Is Tree Trimming Necessary?

We understand how important trees can be to homeowners and to communities. While we care for our environment and keeping our province green, we have an obligation to provide safe, reliable electricity service to our customers. Our ability to do that is sometimes affected by the growth of trees that could pose a danger to our power lines and the people we serve.

It Keeps Us All Safe

When a tree or a large branch falls onto a power line, it can bring the power line down. This puts anyone in the vicinity of the downed power line at risk of serious injury or even death as a result of electrocution. In addition, because trees are full of sap, they are good conductors of electricity. Children climbing trees that are too close to power lines could be seriously or fatally injured. When a tree branch contacts a power line, it can cause a fire.

It Prevents Power Outages

Fallen trees can interrupt power to many customers. In some cases a tree can tear down the entire line and break the poles that hold the line in place. As well, a tree or even a branch that is merely in contact with the power line, can cause a power outage.


Trimming trees around power lines should only be attempted by trained professionals. Serious injuries and even fatalities can occur when untrained individuals attempt to do this work themselves.

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Tree Trimming Techniques

Tree trimming carried out in the immediate vicinity of energized high voltage power lines should only be done by qualified personnel. Each tree trimmer working for Newfoundland Power is an experienced, trained professional.

How Much Will Be Cut From My Trees?

When trimming operations are performed, our experts make every attempt to trim sufficient clearance so that the tree will remain safe until we return on our next routine maintenance cycle. Our trimmers are trained in proper pruning techniques and do their best to redirect growth away from the power lines while attempting to protect the health of the tree.

Trees with trunks in close proximity to power lines require much heavier pruning than trees which are located a greater distance from the line. In some cases large trees growing close to power lines have to be pruned so severely that it becomes necessary to take the tree down.

Pole Ownership Map

Did you know that not all poles in a Newfoundland Power service territory are owned by Newfoundland Power? Bell Aliant owns a portion of the poles and as a result are responsible for certain work requests in Bell Aliant pole areas such as tree trimming.

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