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Equal Payment Plan

Budgeting Made Easy

The Equal Payment Plan (EPP) is available for residential customers. Under this plan your monthly bill payments are averaged out over 12 months. A typical residential electricity bill has seasonal ups and downs, however, EPP evens out your monthly bills so you make the same payment every month.

To determine your EPP amount, an average payment is calculated using your past 12 month's electricity use. That average becomes your monthly payment. You will still be aware of exactly how much electricity you use because your regular monthly bill will show both your actual usage and your EPP amount.

We review all EPP accounts every three months to ensure your actual electricity usage is consistent with what we anticipated when setting you up on EPP. If this review indicates your electrical usage has changed and your EPP monthly charge must be adjusted, you will be notified. At the end of every 12-month period, your Equal Payment Plan will be reviewed and any necessary adjustments to your monthly charge will be made at that time. You can track the difference between what you’re actually using and what you’ve been billed for on your EPP by looking on the right hand side of your bill where you will see your "deferred balance". If at any point you cancel your EPP or close your account, any amount owing in the "deferred balance" will become due on your next bill.


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