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Last updated: Sun Nov 17, 2019 4:23 AM

This information is as current as possible and is for general information only. The outages listed may not affect all customers in the specified location.If you are aware of an outage that is not on this listing, please report online or contact 1-800-474-5711 for further details.

Outage List

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Est. Restoration:
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Outage Map

Outage Alerts

Outage Alerts will notify you by text and/or email when an outage is affecting your neighbourhood.

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Report a Street Light Out

Report a street light out using our online form.

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Outage Types

Find out the reasons for both planned and unplanned outages.

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Prepare For An Outage

It’s always a good idea to be prepared in case a power outage occurs.

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How We Restore Power

Power restoration during storms usually proceeds in a specific order.

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