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First Responders and Electricity

Electrical Safety Seminar

First responders, such as firefighters, police and medical personnel, encounter many hazards while performing the vital role of protecting people and property. Electrical hazards are often difficult to detect. It’s important to understand more about these hazards and to learn about electrical safety dos and don’ts when responding to an emergency.

Newfoundland Power’s team of professionals can teach first responders how to recognize electrical hazards and avoid injuries to themselves and the public. 

Our electrical safety seminar is designed to educate and better equip all first responders when dealing with emergencies that may involve electricity. 

Topics Covered In The Electrical Safety Seminar

  • Understanding electricity
  • Terms used to describe electricity
  • How electricity is generated and distributed
  • Equipment used in electrical operations 
  • Electricity’s negative effect on the human body
  • Potential hazardous situations including pole fires, fallen wires and vehicle accidents with downed wires
  • Special precautions for firefighters

Who Should Attend?

Any member of a career or volunteer fire department, police detachment and/or medical facility. 

How Long Is The Seminar?

The seminar runs between 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Where Does It Take Place?

Your choice of location that is large enough to accommodate 30-35 people.

If your fire department, police detachment or medical facility is located in an area serviced by Newfoundland Power, we will visit you there (usually on your regular meeting night). 

How Much Does It Cost?

This is a FREE service offered by Newfoundland Power

How Do I Arrange A Session?

Contact the nearest Newfoundland Power Office at 1-800-663-2802. Or complete the form on our website to request an electrical safety seminar.