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  Contractors And At Work
Safety at Home   Safety on-the-job
While electricity has become invaluable to our daily activities, it must be treated with respect. Learn about safety for inside and outside your home, and when involved in outdoor recreational activities.   Each year workers are injured as a result of contacting energized power lines and equipment. Learn about working safely around overhead and underground power lines, and other important electrical safety information.
Kids, Educators and Parents
  Emergency Responders
Learn to play safe   Safety in an Emergency
KidZone is a fun place for kids to learn about electricity, electrical safety and energy efficiency. Parents and teachers, we also have tools for you. Check out our school safety program and other valuable information to keep your children safe.   First responders to accident scenes, fires and other emergency situations can often be exposed to electrical hazards. We offer training, educational videos and materials to reduce the electrical safety risk to first responders.