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Newfoundland Power teamed up with Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro in 2008 to create takeCHARGE, a program designed to help Newfoundlanders and Labradorians understand how to use energy wisely, while providing rebates to help both homeowners and businesses take action to reduce their energy use. Saving energy also helps to manage demand during times of peak energy use, such as in extreme cold weather conditions. When you are required to reduce your electricity use, we will provide advance notice to help you prepare and advise what actions you can take to help.

  Call for Conservation
Saving energy starts here   When and How to Conserve   Knowledge = Power (Savings)
takeCHARGE offers rebate programs and energy efficiency advice for your home or business - to save you energy and money.   You will receive Electricity System Notifications on what to do when power supply is not able to meet customer demand.   The takeCHARGE MyHome program helps you compare your energy usage with other similar houses. You'll also find awesome tips to help keep your energy usage low.