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 Power Outage Map Help

This map indicates outages within Newfoundland Power’s service area. The service area is highlighted . Not all outages may be shown on the outage map.

Map Legend:
  • The legend symbols illustrate an estimate of the number of customers affected in a specific outage.
  • Coloured triangles or regions represent the general area of a known power outage, not the exact location. Click the triangle or region to see more information about that outage.
  • Multiple Outages refer to several outages within a particular area. The multiple outage icon may mean the entire area is without power or there is more than one location/neighbourhood experiencing an outage in the area.
  • Click the “Refresh” option, in the upper right position on the map, to view updated outage information. Take note of the “Last Updated Time” under “View Power Outages” title.
Planned and Unplanned Outage Definitions:
  • Planned outages are outages we schedule in advance to allow our crews to perform system upgrades and ensure the continued reliability of our system. Click the Planned Outage check box to show or hide the Planned Outages currently taking place within our service territory.
  • Unplanned power outages are unscheduled outages caused by high winds, snow and ice storms, lightning, and other severe weather conditions. They can also be caused by equipment problems, or third party contact with our electricity system such as vehicle accidents, fallen trees, and even animals. Click the Unplanned Outage check box to show or hide the Unplanned Outages currently taking place within our service territory.
Map Navigation:
  • To navigate the map, use your mouse. Left click the mouse and hold to drag the map to the location you desire.
  • Click the + and – sign in the upper left corner of the map to zoom in and out or you can double left click your mouse.
The Outage Map supports the following browsers:
  • Chrome
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On Mobile:
  • Safari on iOS 3+
  • Android 2.x (3.x+ for pinch gestures)
  • Chrome on Android
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